Chinese child dies after slipping from 5th floor hotel pool

Chinese boy dies after slipping from pool ledge on fifth floor of Kamala hotel

A Chinese child has died after slipping from a pool ledge on the fifth floor at a hotel in Kamala last night. The boy fell five floors and hit the ground.

Kamala Police were notified that the body of the boy had arrived at Patong Hospital at 8.50pm last night.

Police arrived to confirm the death of a nine year old boy, Chen Huanli.

The boy came to Phuket with his father and 12 year old sister, along with other relatives, a travel party totaling 17 people.

They were staying on the fifth floor of the hotel. Last night around 6pm, the boy and his relatives were playing at the pool on the fifth floor where there is a 40 centimetres glass wall.

The boy was standing on the pool’s edge. The boy’s father saw him while he was climbing up and called to him to come down but the boy slipped from the pool and fell down to the ground.

The boy was taken to Patong Hospital where he was pronounced dead. – The Thaiger

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