Political ASSASSINATIONS in Thailand ahead of Elections

An official is counting votes for the management of the Thai Nation Power Party in Nonthaburi province in May 2018. It lost two prospective MP candidates in the southern province of Yala in a murder on Sunday night. (Bangkok Post file photo)

Political ASSASSINATIONS in Thailand ahead of Elections as a couple who were MP candidates of the Thai Nation Power Party were shot dead at home in Kabang district on Sunday night.

Police suspected a political conflict or the works of insurgents.

Police and soldiers examined house number 27 in Moo 7 village of tambon Kabang on Monday morning.

They responded to the murder that happened at about 9pm on Sunday where Warin Saengjan and his wife Rokeeyo Sapae-ing were killed.

Officials found the bodies and spent shells of 11mm bullets. There were no signs the house had been searched.

According to officials, at least two black-clad men entered the house through its back door at about 9pm when Warin was watching TV with his five-year-old son. Both sides talked.

Hearing a loud dispute, Rokeeyo who was in front of the house came inside. The visitors then tied them up and shot them dead.

The five-year-old son ran for his life through the front door, met his 16-year-old sister and fled together.

Detectives said Warin and Rokeeyo would run in the next general election under the Thai Nation Power Party’s banner.

Officials believed both had a conflict with a group of people in relation to their planned candidacy. However, officials did not rule out a southern insurgent attack. – Bangkok Post

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