Horror in Thailand, headless corpse could be BRIT

Headless corpse could be British man

TWO headless male bodies and a woman’s severed head have washed-up on tourist beaches near Pattaya in Thailand.

There were cut marks on one victim’s neck and he had a distinctive tattoo written in English inked on his wrist, local paper The Thaiger reported.

The naked body was decomposing and the skin was pulled-back after being in the water for such a long time.

Cops believe the man died about a week before the body was found, in Mae Ramphueng Beach at Rayong.

The other corpse was wearing underwear and was found 10km away at PMY Beach in Rayong.


The naked bodies were located on a stretch of popular tourist beaches, about 40 kilometres from Pattaya on Thailand’s eastern Gulf coast (pictured: Mae Rumbpueang Beach)


This victim is believed to have died at least ten days before the harrowing discovery.

Fishermen also found the head of a woman in waters nearby, South Samrong police chief Pol Col Prasert Buakhao.

It had long hair and was found near a jetty in Phra Pradaeng, about 20km south of Bangkok.

Reportedly, it looked as though it had been in the water for several days.

The head has been sent for an autopsy at a police hospital.

Police are now scouring missing persons’ lists to try and find the victims’ relatives.

It is suspected the chilling finds are all related.

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