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It's not easy to get anything done in some parts of the world

People in many places around the world find it hard enough to find clean drinking water and regular food, let alone electricity.

These places tend to be the hottest on the planet and many people in India or Africa spend most of their day trying to find ways of keeping cool in 120 degree heat without electric fans.

Most will never have even heard of air-conditioning.

However some young volunteers have now come up with a way to provide a form of air-conditioning that doesn’t need electricity and is absolutely free to build. And it works.

Not only does this idea, known as the Eco-Cooler, bring a breeze of cool air into overheated huts, it’s a great way to encourage collecting old plastic bottles from the streets and recycling them.

Electricity free A/C is nothing short of genius. – Albert Jack

(All images from YouTube/#TalkToMe)

It’s made of one piece of sturdy cardboard and a series of recycled plastic bottles. The bottoms and necks of the bottles are cut away and then stuck into a series of holes cut into the board.
Once all of the bottles are in place, the board is placed in front of a door or window. The cooling effects are immediate.
Hot air enters the bottles from the outside and then sends cooler air out of the thinner neck. The principle is similar to the effect when you exhale into your hand with an open mouth or with pursed lips. Feel the difference for yourself!
This simple solution can cool an indoor space by more than 10º F. What a relief for the people who experience extreme temperatures day in, day out.
Countless villages have already started using the simplest air conditioning in the world.
Word is spreading fast across the sub-continent

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