Bangkok Maintains Ranking as World’s Top Nightlife Destination


In a surprise to almost no-one, the Thai capital has retained its status as one of the top cities in the world for nightlife, according to a spate of rankings released by media outlets such as The Guardian and the Independent.

Bangkok remains high up in the rankings, come in the top 10 in virtually every end of year ranking released in December 2018.

One of the reasons Thai nightlife is so attractive is the depreciation of the Thai Baht, which has made the country more attractive for thrill-seeking young people from other parts of the world.

The city also ranks highly for student nightlife, consistently coming out on top as one of the best places for students to party in the entire world.

The city did, however, slip down in some rankings, being pushed out of the top 10 in the Telegraph’s latest ranking by the US party Mecca Las Vegas.

This may be because land-based casino gambling is prohibited in Thailand, meaning the partygoers have to look elsewhere for the high roller lifestyle.

For now, gambling aficionados in Thailand prefer to do their gambling from home, with online slots and poker games still being permitted.

Like other forms of recreation, affordability is still a high priority for gamblers in Bangkok, which is why they use platforms like Oddschecker to access free bets and bonus spins, keeping the costs down.

While Bangkok may lose some of its luster to gamblers, there are plenty of other factors which ensure this city remains one of the best places on Earth to let loose.

Bangkok has some of the latest nightclub opening hours of any city in the world, whilst also having a thriving LGBT+ nightlife scene that is widely regarded as one of the most tolerant in Asia.

Other cities have a lot of catching up to do if they hope to compete with Bangkok.


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