Thai cops accept Bht 20,000 ‘New Year Presents’

Video: Good as gold! Thai cops get flak for accepting 20K necklaces from shop owner

Thai cops accept Bht 20,000 ‘New Year Presents’. Thai social media was in meltdown after a video emerged of eight Nong Khai cops each getting a one baht weight gold necklace from a Nong Khai gold shop owner.

The video shows the cheering and drooling cops – one even behind the barred counter of the shop itself – getting their New Year “presents”. Each necklace is worth about 20,000 baht.

Sanook said that comment online fell into two distinct camps.

Camp #1 asked if that was even legal. Under article 103 wasn’t it illegal for employees of the state to accept gifts over 3,000 baht in value?, they asked.

Camp #2 said it was not a bribe, merely a gift to encourage officers to continue doing a good job.

More about this story as we hear of it. – Sanook

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