Australian tourist attacked by a monkey at Krabi temple


A 30 year old Australian tourist was attacked by a monkey at the temple of Wat Tham Seua in Krabi yesterday.

Daily News reported that despite measures taken to stop monkey attacks in the area they were continuing unabated.

Serena Seffer (name transliterated from Thai) was with a female friend and was going up the temple staircase when they were surrounded by monkeys.

She lashed out to stop the attack as one tried to take her shoulder bag.

She was taken to Krabi hospital with three cuts to her left arm.

A National Park source told Daily News that despite efforts to sterilize and return the monkeys to nature, there were a large number at the temple responsible for many attacks.

They were competing for an ever dwindling supply of food and tourists were attacked for this reason.

Wat Tham Seua or the Tiger Cave Temple is in Krabi Noi district. – Daily News

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