Reasons to Use Contour Test Strips in a Medical Practice

Contour Test Strips

The Top 3 Reasons to Use Contour Test Strips in a Medical Practice

Did you know that 100 million adults in the US live with diabetes or pre-diabetes?

Over 2 million people are living with it in New York representing 12.5% of the state’s population. That is higher than the national average of 9.4%.

Sadly, the rest of the world is in a dire state as well. Currently, 415 million people worldwide have diabetes. Experts in global healthcare expect that 642 million people will have this disease by 2040.

Therefore, managing and preventing the development of this condition is critical. One way of doing that is by testing a patient’s blood glucose level regularly. You need the right monitoring system and test strip for this testing process.

Here are the top 3 reasons to use contour test strips in a medical practice.

No Coding

Manual coding refers to the calibration of your blood glucose meter every time you use a new box of test strips.

The results from the meter would be inaccurate if you did not code it. They would be erroneous as well, if you made the code you entered was incorrect.

Therefore, coding a blood glucose meter precisely is a critical process in helping patients’ manage diabetes. Unfortunately, avoiding errors in manual coding is impossible because to err is human.

Studies reveal that the miscoding rate among people who calibrate their meters manually is 16%. Contour test strips help you avoid these errors because coding is unnecessary when you use them.

Remember, the Contour blood monitor has No Coding Technology. That means entering the code manually is unnecessary.

Instead, the meter will code the Contour test strips automatically.

Fresh Strips

Contour test strips remain fresh for six months. That means you can buy them in bulk today and they will not expire any time soon.

Bulk purchases are ideal for patients and medical practices as well. More specifically, they facilitate financial discipline and planning.

For example, you can buy strips today when you have a substantial inflow of capital. Then you can focus on other items on your list of necessities instead of these strips.

Doing so also helps you because receiving discounted prices is likely when you purchase a huge quantity of goods.

Contour test strips remain fresh for such a long time because of the technology Bayer uses to package them. This technology focuses on the design of the bottle, which has a built-in desiccant.

This technology is so unique and effective that Bayer patented it.

They are very effective

Contour test strips are effective in many ways. One of them is that they are accurate. More specifically, they can help you detect blood glucose in the range of 0.6 to 33.3 millimoles per liter.

Improved accuracy leads to improved management of diabetes. The entire process from opening the bottle to get the strip and then using the strip is straightforward.

For example, the bottle has a flip-top design that closes and opens easily. The strip has a customized shape so that you can handle it perfectly.

The process of using these strips with the blood glucose meter takes less than five seconds.

That means medical practitioners can attend to other patients because they do not spend too much time on these times.

Purchase your contour test strips today.

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