Leftism is stupid, and sweeping the Western World

Leftism is stupid, and sweeping the Western World. The epidemic of stupid, vacuous left-wing thinking now sweeping the globe should be of some concern to all right-minded people living in western countries.

In America, the lame excuse a sitting attorney general (Loretta Lynch) gave for meeting privately with the husband of a prime FBI suspect (Hillary Clinton) who was himself a possible target of investigation reveals, if we needed more revelation, the mental vacuum and profound ignorance of leftism.

‘We were simply showing each other pictures of our grandchildren.’ It’s incredible that this is the best cover they can think of. Incredible, but should not be too surprising because these people aren’t very bright.

Anyone familiar with the cognitive degradation of Marxism can see the pattern.

When the Bolsheviks first came to power, there were some bright, though of course wicked, minds: Lenin, Bukharin, Trotsky.

Soon, however, the Bolsheviks descended into such grotesque mediocrity that even Molotov began to be seen as a clever Bolshevik.

It was Molotov who claimed they were dropping food for starving Finns when, in fact, they were bombing them. It is a child-like intellect that considers nobody would find out he was lying.

Academia, of course, collapsed first in the Soviet Empire as it is now in America and Europe where expensive degrees in Ethnic Dance and Gender Studies are worthless.


Anyone familiar with the last fifty years of the Soviet Empire writes about the utter stupidity not only of the Communist Party leadership and entourage, but also of its university systems, which churned out thousands of scientists who could never work anything out.

What replaced thinking and discovery was mind-numbing conformity. Over time, the only people who could rise in the Soviet hierarchy were men who did not really know anything and did not say or think anything except the comical nonsense of Marxist-Leninism.

In Britain we have Liberals such as Nick Clegg who lost the BREXIT vote and now, repeatedly, calls for a re-vote because WE didn’t know what we were doing when we voted LEAVE. WE didn’t understand what we were doing.

No Nick, YOU don’t understand what we are doing, because YOU are a Liberal moron who insists on forcing his opinion on all of us until we shrug our shoulders and give in. Not this time we wont.

In Europe stupidity has been defined by Left Wing politicians such as Germany’s Angela Merkel and little Macron in France.

The recent policy of exposing millions of native and, for the time being, relatively peaceful Europeans, only half a century after history’s bloodiest war on the continent, is clear evidence of their stupidity.

Because if it isn’t a willful, deliberate act of recklessness designed to provoke bloodshed then it can, at best, be thought of as simple minded and stupid.

Gross negligence from people clearly out of their depth and intellectually unqualified to be given any responsibility at all, let alone one so important.

Downhill Spiral

And how are they elected in the first place? With the support of a Left Wing media owned and influenced by unelected Left Wing businessmen who are equally either dangerous or negligent.

Yet they are encouraged and afforded special privileges which earn them the money to buy the media who supports the candidates who smooth the paths of those who grease their palms and build the house that Jack built.

And so on.

Now consider leftism today. Admission to college is given to those groups encouraged to think of themselves ‘aggrieved’ and inferior to other students.

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College courses are often taught by the limited minds of a previous generation. And now the legal profession, government, and academia are filled with these unintelligent people, spending their entire careers surrounded by others who are equally average.

Some women, like the afore-mentioned Loretta Lynch, enjoy a double-benefit of affirmative action in lowered standards and then are surrounded by other people equally unqualified and stupid who thrive by doing the bidding of even more stupid, yet senior, Democrats in respect of EVERY conceivable issue or question.

There are no real tests, no real challenges, and no real evaluations of these leftists.  This explains the blank CV of Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton: she ‘was’ the first lady; she ‘was’ a senator from New York; she ‘was’ secretary of state – so what?

Her statements are all thoughtlessly scripted and given to a partisan establishment media that never, ever, challenges her inconsistencies or asks anything she might find uncomfortable.

We know they are thoughtlessly scripted. How else would a person call potentially HALF of their voters ‘deplorable.’ How does that slip through the net, how is a mistake like that not picked up by somebody before she blurts it out? Who does that?

Really stupid people, that’s who.

Global Warming

And the obvious lie of global warming is accepted as easily as Soviet scientists accepted the idiocy of Lysenko. He was the Soviet nut-job who thought he could reform farming, without knowing anything about it.

He forced Soviet farmers into an experiment that led to famine and the deaths of up to 30 million people in Russia and China. As recently as the 1950’s.

Yet still the same predictable ‘solutions’ are offered by left-wing thinkers for every single problem: more ‘investment’ on education and infrastructure, stronger gun control laws, more draconian environmental regulations, more ‘diversity,’ and more of everything that has never worked in America or anywhere else it has even been attempted.

No-one on the Left ever needs to think at all, and those who do risk losing tenure, getting fired from network news programs, and being demonized as racist or sexist or reactionary or something equally offensive.

Or, if you are Seth Rich, shot dead.

Because independent thinking itself is dangerous, no leftist dares to risk trying to think – just read the script, say the same things over and over, and keep your mind shut.

Moreover, these folks keep telling each other how smart they are, and no one ever tells them differently. Their résumé of ‘accomplishment’ replaces any need for intelligence, rather like the scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz, who is given by the Wizard a diploma as ‘proof’ of his braininess.

Because they are all used to receiving awards, praise and medals for coming last. And have been since kindergarten.

I had an encounter with a Democrat in my own home recently. We were playing poker and Clinton was on Fox News. I casually remarked, as an Englishman, that they must be a little embarrassed by the way things are looking in America, what with her email scandal and all.

One of them leaned towards me and almost spat. ‘I’m not interested in fucking emails, who cares. What about the 200,000 children Trump has just killed in Syria.’

I kid you not. Like a small child he was trying to deflect me with as big an exaggerated lie as he could think of. A grown man, this is. ‘What about the children, the poor children, the murdering bastard.’  And all you can think about is emails…’

What he effectively did was look at me and think ‘this guy is an obvious idiot so I can distract him with this big bunch of shiny, rattly keys, like a crying baby.’ Needless to say they will never be invited back into my house.

It’s what Liberals do

This is what Liberals do. They take a banana, place it on a table and call it an orange. They tell everybody it is an orange. Those with any intellect at all ignore them, because they are idiots. But all the other idiots think, ‘Ahh, that’s clever, yes let’s call it an orange.’

If anybody points out to them they are a moron, and should stop calling bananas oranges they are rounded upon, ganged up against, vilified, abused, spat at and called a racist or a bigot. What could be worse that somebody accusing you of hating yellow, bent oranges.

So you stay quiet and allow the stupid people get on with it. They all become democrats like Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters and Hillary Clinton.

And on and on they go, until three-years olds grow up to be adults and by then, guess what, a banana is now called an orange and boys can be called girls.

Because they have had that drummed into them by CNN, MSNBC, the news media, their teachers and, if fate dealt them a cruel blow, their parents.

Most of us just ignore them in the hope that everybody will eventually do the same thing. But, just as in communist Russia and other places, what we see happening now is the collective intellect actually dropping down to their level.

These people are not smart, they are obviously stupid. When Hilary Clinton chose to break all the laws by setting up a private email server in her basement to direct U.S. state secrets, she didn’t do it because she is devious, sinister or has a larger plan that most of us cannot understand.

She did it for the same, simple reason that she failed her bar exam in the District of Columbia. And that is, she is not very bright.

And neither are the people around her because one of them should have at least pointed out it was a bad idea.

It’s not her fault, let’s not lay blame and be unkind. It is what it is. And, as Dunning Kruger pointed out, really stupid people aren’t clever enough to realise they are stupid.

Leftism is stupid and its actors, over time, become increasingly dumb and ignorant. They are on a self perpetuating down-hill spiral.

We see it and it is unfortunate. But it is what it is. – Albert Jack

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