Democracy doesn’t work when you vote for idiots

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Democracy doesn’t work when you vote for idiots: No peace till victory, no pact with unrepentant wrong.” That’s how the wartime British Prime Minister Winston Churchill described his nation’s unwavering resolve in face of Nazi aggression.

The current British government, however, thinks it can change the hearts of blood-thirsty Jihadis and returning ISIS terrorists by offering them cheap housing and other financial inducements.

“British ISIS jihadis returning from Syria to be offered tax-payer funded council homes and counselling to stop them attacking the UK,” writes the UK newspaper The Sun. “The plans — code-named Operation Constrain — could see returning ISIS fanatics jump to the top of council house waiting lists and offered counselling.”

British authorities will give special priority to Islamist war criminals returning to the UK after having served in the ranks of the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq. The ‘de-radicalization’ program will be funded out of the UK’s £900 million counter-terrorism budget.

Is it time to drive Islam out of Europe?

British newspaper Independent revealed the details of the taxpayer-funded Jihadi appeasement program:

Government plans to give jihadis council houses and other support as part of de-radicalisation programmes have been welcomed as “overdue” by terror experts.

But analysts say there is an urgent need to coordinate police, intelligence, mental health and social work for thousands of potential threats who are known to authorities but cannot be jailed.

They include the 20,000 extremists who have appeared on the security services’ radars but are not deemed to be a sufficient risk for round-the-clock surveillance – the category that Westminster attacker Khalid Masood, Manchester bomber Salman Abedi and London Bridge ringleader Khuram Butt fell into.

The growing pool will be joined by former Isis members returning from the group’s shrinking territories in Syria and Iraq.

The UK is not the only European country to offer such inducements. Denmark runs the “Hug a Jihadi” program (yes, you heard it right; that’s the actual name of the program) hoping to keep Islamic terrorists from carrying out attacks on Danish soil by offering them apartments, psychological counseling and jobs.

These desperate attempts to appease the Islamists show how little Europe has learned from its history. Like Nazism and Soviet Communism in the last century, Islamism, too, poses an existential threat to the Western civilization.

If Europe fails to learn from the mistakes of the past and learn them fast, it is doomed to repeat them. The result of Europe’s slow learning curve will have devastating consequences.

Europe’s dwindling birth-rates and its open-arms policy toward migrants from the Arab and Muslim countries is inviting Jihad warfare right in the heart of Europe.

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