Thai schoolgirls Facebook behavior, police issue warning

Thai schoolgirls Facebook behavior, Police issue warning. Police warn teens going “Live on Facebook”: behave obscenely and you could face jail

Teens going live on Facebook to dance or behave provocatively have been warned their actions could land them in jail.

There have been several cases recently and yesterday another came to light of a girl gyrating in school uniform.

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Police spokesman Krissana Patanacharoen said that the latest case could fall into 14 (4) of the criminal code relating to obscene acts committed on the internet, reported Sanook.

He said that the fact that the girl was in school uniform made it worse.

“Teens should be aware that this behavior is not appropriate and they could be prosecuted,” he said. “We are currently investigating several cases. Don’t do it – we will get you”.

The law allows for a 5 year prison term and a fine of up to 100,000 baht for those convicted of obscenity.

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One girl called Mabel who may face a charge for such activity on the internet is due to meet with police today.

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