No Hoax: Newly erected power-pole turns out to be genuine

Only in Thailand? Road carnage gets a little help!

As if the road carnage in Thailand is not bad enough comes a story from Surat Thani of a power pole slap bang in the middle of the left lane on a country road.

Anyone driving along – especially in the dark – would be in serious trouble.

Posters on social media doubted it was true and thought it was photo-shopped.

But it turned out to be genuine – when the road was paved the electrical authorities were too busy and so the Ban Thung Thong to Nong Khla was left in that state.

Posters on social media teased that it was a case of the power pole coming first, reported Daily News.

But Surat Thani governor Wichawut Jinto did not see the funny side and yesterday ordered the Ban Nasarn district chief and the Wiang Sa electrical authorities to move the pole.


It was shifted to the position power poles normally adopt – by the side of roads.

The governor said it was obviously dangerous and as soon as he heard about it he took decisive action. – Daily News


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