Millennials are taking society backwards

Millennials are far too self-absorbed to actually make a contribution to society.

Have you noticed the disintegration of Western Society yet? Have you realised how our young people, the next generation who are otherwise known as Millennials, are close to useless?

I don’t mean this in the way middle-aged society complained in the past about Teddy Boys using lady hairspray and smoking in the street, as they did in the 1950’s, or how they were confused by the drug flowing, free loving youngsters of the 1960’s.

The Punks tried to shock everybody during the 1970’s and, in the most part, succeeded and the less said about the 1980’s the better. I imagine some of them were useless too but, speaking broadly, the vast majority of those generations of youngsters took responsibility for themselves, despite their haircuts.

Millennials is a term coined for those who were born after 1982 and who came of age around the Millennium. As a rule this is everybody under 35-years-old and who represent the up-and-coming next generation.

They are the future inventors, writers, teachers, entrepreneurs, government, soldiers and anybody else who will embrace the responsibility of moving society forward and to the next level, whatever that might be.

The obvious problem here is that they are mostly good for nothing. And part of this problem is their belief that a university degree in Ethnic Dancing or Gender Studies will automatically qualify them for a highly paid job, which it doesn’t.

They will be lucky if their modern education qualifies them for any job at all, much less prepare them for a world in which grown-ups prowl. Their sense of entitlement is about to bite us all in the backside. As they are soon to find out.

Now, the Baby Boomers, who were born between 1946, at the end of the second-world-war, and the 1960’s, who are the grandparents of these creatures, have an entirely different mind set.

They grew up understanding conflict and how grave a subject war is. They know it isn’t a game to be downloaded for free and mucked about with all night.

They grew up in families who had all suffered years of war and great personal loss. All of them lived in homes with family photographs on the fireplace that included mysterious members they would only hear stories about and never meet.

They had no sense of entitlement as they endured rationing, long walks to school in the cold and scrubbing fireplaces on their knees for homework. They learned only a sense of survival, not entitlement. And this is why the two groups are now in conflict.

The Millennials like to dress up as terrorists and gather in gangs to protest Capitalism, or the government, smashing up buildings along the way. Whilst holding out their hands, asking somebody else to pay for their booze, face-masks and pepper spray.

The boomers are the Capitalists and the government, and earned the money to pay the taxes to build those post-war buildings. And earned the right to Capitalise and govern.

The Millennials believe the boomers are ruining their future. They voted for Brexit for a start, a subject they are entirely qualified to fully understand and yet the youngsters think they are all living too long and draining the tax-payer. It is something they have protested in the streets over, written on and made YouTube clips whining about.

By contrast the Boomers believe the Millennials are feckless, whinging soap-dodgers who are more obsessed with man buns, duck-faced selfies and the opinions of like-minded clowns than they are in understanding Europe, immigration and the future. Largely because they have never been encouraged to consider such things by their equally vacant peer group.

Millennials feel that Boomers have kept house prices too high, which is the reason they still live with their parents into their thirties.

And they feel Boomers haven’t given them an opportunity to benefit society with their degrees in David Beckham Studies or Finger Painting and that it is somebody else’s fault they can’t even get a job with McDonalds. Because, for these people, it always is somebody else’s fault.

Meanwhile the Boomers believe the Millennials are more interested in Facebook likes than they are in social politics. And setting up GoFundMe pages to ask other people to pay for their ‘spiritual year in Asia.’

Boomers believe Millennials are a waste of skin who will be too busy painting vaginas on their foreheads and arguing that a boy with a penis can be called ‘she’, to even notice the Mullahs marching along Whitehall in their exploding underwear.

Most of them will not know what a Mullah is. Or a White Hall.

And so this is why most Boomers are Trumpers & Brexiteers and the reason youngsters are violently opposed to both is because everybody else on Facebook are too.

Boomers remember when Britain was great, before she was conned into the failed European project in the first place, and fully understand how Britain will be just fine as a stand alone nation responsible for her own trade, border controls and laws.

Boomers also remember the last time Britain was confronted with a violent ideology that wanted to see them all dead and their parents went out and fought against it. And won. They expect Britain to be able to do it again.

Millennials, on the other hand, expect to still be able to go on holiday after losing their passports.

Boomers on both sides of the Atlantic remember when America was Great last time round and want to see it Great again. Millennials don’t because none of them have gone back any further in history than Justin whatever-his-name-is debut YouTube appearance when he was four.

And these two demographic groups will never come together. They will never see each other’s point of view because Boomers have realised that their offspring’s loin fruit are idiots.

Meanwhile Millennials have grown up in the certain knowledge that they don’t have to see anybody else’s point of view. Because they were all given medals at school for coming last and know they are winners anyway, whatever happens.

Generation X, on the other hand, is right in the middle of all this. Generation X were born after 1960 and before 1983. Generation X is the last generation that actually advanced the society in which they live.

Like all generations before they are better educated than their parents and, by and large, better off. However, unlike any generation before they are also better educated and better off than their children. Who are the aforementioned Millennials.

Generation X are now in their forties and fifties and it is their time. An empty stage is waiting for them to step upon and save the world from the error of their seed.

Generation X are unique and posses the finest characteristics of both previous and following generations, whilst hosting none of the worst.

The Boomers struggle to understand their smart phones as the Millennials take them for granted. Generation X invented them. We started with units that needed to be carried around in a suitcase and within ten-years had given you access to everything that has ever been, or is ever likely to be, on something you can tuck into your bikini.

Boomers are yet to fully understand the internet whilst Millennials grew up on it. Generation X developed that too.

We went to bed in the early morning and still got up for work everyday. We wrote the books, made the music, fed the world, formed the opinions, started the protests and are even still, to this day, able to come out and change your brake pads or build a wall.

We had booze and drugs and were fearless and stupid. We fought for the Falklands, Iraq, Afghanistan and Bosnia. We waved our flags and were proud of who we were. And we were proud of ourselves until our pointless seed grew up and embarrassed us.

It is time for Generation X to take responsibility again and put that right.

Boomers live in the past and Generation X stepped forward to own their futures. Millennials fear the future because they know nothing of the past. Generation X learned from the past and know never to give in. We know how to look for a new solution.

We don’t give up easily and although we cannot go back thirty years and put a condom on we can still shape the future. We can still work with what we have found ourselves with. We made mistakes and still have time to learn from them and make sure they don’t happen again.

The Millennials are the lost generation. They are too busy arguing that girls should be allowed to join the Boy Scouts to listen to anybody. Forget about them. But we can still shape the future for our grandchildren. They are going to need all the help they can get.

The work for Generation X is not yet finished.  – Albert Jack


(First published as Generation X can still save the World)

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