Video: Iraqi troops using running ISIS cowards as target practice

Iraqi helicopters targeting running ISIS cowards along the Tigris

Army video reveals how ISIS terrorists, attempting to run away from Mosul, are in for a nasty surprise.

ISIS cowards are running for their lives as US and Iraqi troops clear out their former stronghold of Mosul, but they are not being allowed to re-group and cause civilised people anymore problems.

A new video clip confirms Iraqi army patrols are seeking out fleeing scumbags and eliminating them on sight.

The clip was taken from an Iraqi army patrol helicopter along the Tigris River who were looking out for escaping terrorists, many of whom used to hold European nationalities.

Euro nations have a lot to thank the Iraqis for as their actions remove any chance these people will try to run back to European countries, pretending to be aid workers or students, and re-establishing their vile network in civilised countries.

Running away like cowards is now the standard procedure for ISIS filth when facing real men and who are no longer able to brutalised women and children.

And they continue to run, until they are shot down by chasing Iraqi troops.


-Albert Jack


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