A sperm bank asks for redhead donors to save gingers from extinction

Julianne Moore

After noticing a surge in demand from women who want to raise ginger children, a sperm bank has called for more redhead donors.

International sperm donors network, Co-ParentMatch, has invited carrot tops all over the world to donate their seed after a sharp rise in requests from potential mothers for the ginger gene.

Co-ParentMatch also believes the move may save gingers from extinction as red hair is becoming rare in the gene pool.

It is a sharp turnaround in fortunes for the ginger gene. As recently as 2011 the world’s largest sperm bank, Cyros International, caused offence when they began refusing donations from ginger men because they already had more than they needed.

At the time they announced they already had 600 ginger gene donors they were saving for when auburn topped toddlers became ‘more fashionable.’ It seem that now the time has come.

In 2014 DNA experts warned that global warming would kill off the ginger gene in Scotland and Northern Ireland. Dr Alistair Moffat noted that red hair, blue eyes and fair skin had evolved over years of adapting to the local climate.

It is believed that the cool climate of northern Europe is host to the world’s largest population of redheads.

But climate change, if you believe in such a notion, will bring more sunshine and warmer temperatures meaning the gene would die out over time.

However, despite their best efforts, new mothers may still find themselves without a little red-head when the big day comes.

IV fertility doctors say that ‘it is a genetic tumble drier. Sperm containing redhead genes does not necessarily equate to red-head babies.’

But the fact remains that the more redheads there are the more likely it is that the gene will survive and, to which end, we say to Co-ParentMatch and their efforts, ‘keep up the good work.’

Ginger men around the world now know what is required of them. Man up. Get yourselves off to the sperm bank. The cup is calling.

-Albert Jack

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