What happened to the Grenfell Tower ‘jumpers’ then?

This one saw a child being dropped from the 10th floor who was caught by a man on the ground. She really did, with her own eyes...

What happened to the Grenfell Tower jumpers then? Remember all those poor souls we read about only four weeks ago? I think we do.

On the night of June 13/14 a devastating fire at Grenfell Tower in west London left at least eighty people dead. Thanks to modern media the world watched as the building went up like a roman candle.

Something that should not be possible in modern times and with modern building regulations.

Live news coverage began almost immediately and some people, especially those in the construction and fire safety business, were suspicious about what they were seeing from an early stage.

The press and TV coverage was, as usual, dramatic as journalists competed with the actual events being fed through social media and other live online streams.

They had to be more dramatic and tell us what we couldn’t already see for ourselves. They have to pull on our emotions.

Play us around, make us fearful, make us cry. That’s what they do. Otherwise, what is the point of television journalists?


In competing for our attention, our ratings and the advert revenue we bring, the mainstream media can be a little creative with the truth, shall we say.

And it was happening before the fire had really got started.

On June 13 (US Time Zone) Paula Mooney at the Inquisitor quickly ran an article headlined;

People Jump from London Apartment Building

She told us that ‘multiple outlets such as CNN and The Sun were reporting on claims that people were jumping from windows of Grenfell Tower to escape the blaze.

With the latter publication reporting that people have jumped from the higher floors of the building to escape the fire.

She is right, The Sun did say that. The article she cites as a source was published on June 14 and written by 

They could be heard begging for help as they leaned out of their windows and lashed bed sheets together to make rope in a frantic attempt to reach the ground.

Others were seen jumping from upper floors of the building in scenes ‘reminiscent of 9/11.’

The following day

Horrified witnesses told how they saw some families throwing children out of windows in scenes “reminiscent of 9/11”.

Also on June 14 Sky News ran a story headlined;

Desperate stories of parents throwing babies and children emerge as the horror unfolds in front of those lucky enough to escape.

Baby dropped

They also included a video of an interview with ‘Emma’ who claimed, ‘I did see a few people jump. I think at that point you either jumped to try and save your life but break a few bones, or got engulfed in the flames. People were screaming and you could hear massive thuds. People were just desperately trying to save their lives. Neighbours were standing at the bottom willing to catch people.’

Also on June 14  Her Majesty’s Daily Telegraph ran a story headlined Baby dropped from 10th floor of Grenfell Tower ‘caught by man on ground’.

That’s right, they had a witness prepared to go on camera saying that she saw a woman drop a baby 100 feet into the arms of a stranger on the ground, who caught it safely.

Her name, or at least the name she gave, is Samira Lamrani who was later featured on multiple media outlets. This is what she said;

‘A lady appeared at the window gesturing, body language from what she was saying, ‘I’m about to throw my baby, please catch the baby.’ And the baby, I think, was packed in some sort of bedsheet blanket. And she threw the baby. As the baby came down — and this was approximately from the ninth or tenth floor — a member of the public, a gentleman, ran forward and miraculously helped grab the baby.’

Listen for yourself to what this witness says before the clip is pulled.

At this point most viewers with a sense of reality began to smell a rat. In fact, there were rats everywhere. Can you smell a rat too?

And on it went. A June 15 article by Joshua Berlinger, James Griffiths, Angela Dewan and Emanuella Grinberg of CNN, the Counterfeit News Network, reported;

‘Desperate residents were seen flinging themselves from the building, jumping to their deaths as they tried to escape being burnt alive.

A baby was caught after being thrown from the ninth floor, while some frantic residents lashed bedsheets together in a crude attempt to escape the rapidly growing blaze.’

Another CNN news report told the world of unnamed eyewitness who had seen people ‘jumping from the building’

Blatent Lies

The Mirror went a step further, as they have to, and reported, on June 14 ‘as debris continued to tumble from the building, one witness described seeing a ‘child on fire’ jump from the 22nd floor as the blaze took hold.

How many copies does a ‘jumping child on fire’ headline sell, do you think?

We could go on here as most of the world’s press picked up and ran with these unverified stories from unnamed sources.

The Sun, who are not known for wasting their time by researching anything, or even asking pointed questions, ran story after story along the lines of;

‘SHE THREW HER BABY FROM THE NINTH FLOOR’ London fire eyewitness accounts tell of parents throwing their children from Grenfell Tower and one resident who made a parachute.

Wait, a parachute..?

And so on…..

Well, perhaps enough time has passed now that it will not upset the perpetually offended and overly sensitive, to ask;

So where are these jumpers now then? Where is that baby, so successfully caught by the stranger after a 100ft drop and, more revealingly, why hasn’t he stepped forwards to revel in his new-found hero status and sell his story to The Sun?

Well, no body was ever found on the ground outside the Grenfell Tower. And, despite the hundreds of personal phone-cameras recording the whole fiery event from all angles, not a single clip has emerged of anybody jumping, or even appearing to jump, from any floor high or low.

Nobody jumped

So it is fairly easy for even the most simple soul to work out that nobody jumped after all. There is no need to be any more scientific or conspiratorial than that.

Nobody jumped, because if they had then Sky News would have shown endless footage and The Sun would have the twisted remains pictured on their front page.

Which raises two questions. Firstly ‘why not?’ Wouldn’t you jump rather than face the horrible alternative of slowly burning to death. And secondly, ‘why are so many witnesses lying about this?’

Then there is the question of the baby. Whilst it might be technically possible to catch a falling baby from a height of 100ft or more, it would be a extraordinary thing.

Using Lamrani’s witness statement as a reference we could calculate that if the child weighed ten-kilograms, which is a recognised average weight for a child under two-years old, and it was falling from a height of 100ft, it would reach a speed of 54 mph or 87 kph before it hit the ground, or was caught by a local hero.

Ask yourself this, Could you catch it safely? Could anybody, without injury? It’s unlikely isn’t it.

The upcoming enquiry is bound to answer one or two questions that will be asked about the safety of the building, the cladding, the fire regulations and many other issues relating to the fire.

But what it won’t be asking, and we should be, is why were so many people so quick off the mark when it came to lying about what they saw unfolding at Grenfell Tower that night.

Is there some sort of collective mental illness over there in west London, or perhaps they are all having a competition in attention seeking. There is something strange about the whole sad event and perhaps we should find out what it is.

– Albert Jack

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