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Saturday, September 23, 2017
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Is Donald Trump right about Global Warming?

Donald Trump has mixed feelings about climate change. In January 2014, he publicly wondered how the United States could be spending money to combat what,...

Midweek Mystery. The life and death of Robert Maxwell

Mystifying Death of a Media Mogul Who finally stopped the bouncing Czech? The extraordinary life and death of Robert Maxwell. In 1940, Jan Ludvik Hoch did...


Thailand exporting rotten rice to ‘famine regions’

Two ships carrying rotten rice from Thailand are waiting to be unloaded at Chittagong port, although the food department has refused to accept the...


Bangkok Jack Book Deals

Four popular books discounted to only £1.99 for Bangkok Jack Readers for the month of September. Download directly to your laptop or device. (Scroll down...


The hunky monk. Thai holy man goes viral

The monk hunk: Photographs of buff Buddhist go viral in Thailand as holy man makes appeal for healthier alms. Pictures of a monk hunk so...