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Sunday, February 25, 2018
Tags Jack Report Hanoi

Tag: Jack Report Hanoi

Bootlegs and pirate software Hanoi style

Bootlegs and Pirates Something strange is going on here. Since I bought new leads with local plugs and charged everything back up I have noticed...

The Jack Report – Guitars on Liquor Lane in Hanoi

I don't know why I keep walking around The Old Quarter in Hanoi. It's a bee hive and I always get lost in it....

The Jack Report – Hotel Blues in Hanoi

Hanoi Hotels I am not feeling at my best today. My ankle became swollen during the long flight to Hanoi, which is to be expected...
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Your room safe is not as safe as you think

I am not one for giving out travel advice, but have you ever considered just how safe your room safe is? I have lost count of...

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Hotel Blues in Hanoi

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