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Tuesday, September 26, 2017



Phuket bus operators allegedly scammed for millions

PHUKET: A group of ten bus operators in Phuket yesterday filed a complaint at the Damrongdharma Center, saying they had been cheated out of...




Man arrested with a kilo of gold hidden in his rectum

A man has been arrested by Sri Lankan customs authorities after being spotted attempting to smuggle, with "difficulty", close to a kilo of gold...

Chinese chemistry teacher sold $600,000 of meth every month to the U.S. and Europe

A chemistry professor was recently found making $600,000 per month by doing a “Walter White” in China, producing and selling methamphetamine abroad.  a The “Chinese Heisenberg”, identified...

Ten inventors killed by their own creations

Innovation: Awesome Inventions: Innovators & Business Ideas that Changed the World - Kindle Edition Amazon – UK   USA    AUS Hoisted by their own Petard. Short stories...
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Thailand orders ISPs to begin blocking content deemed ‘illicit’

- All internet service providers (ISPs) have been given seven days by the broadcasting and telecom regulator to block illicit webpages and content deemed illegal...

Thailand forced to reverse labor law as workers pour out of the country

Thailand's military government have embarrassed themselves again after attempting to throw their weight around by rounding up, detaining and fining migrant workers last week. Tens...

99 women arrested in Singapore for vice activities

The police have arrested 99 women - aged between 22 and 43 - in a four-day anti-vice operation. The women were nabbed for their suspected...


Six phrases with military origins

The earliest reference to ‘colours’ as a means of identification can be traced back to the English navy, who adopted the term in 1706...