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  • New covered walkways for two MyCiti stations February 18, 2019
    Users of MyCiti buses will be happy to know the City will be commencing the installation of new roofing and glass panels to cover the exposed walkways at the MyCiTi stations in Atlantic and Table View to make them more secure and accommodating. The work is scheduled to start on February 18 2019 and will […]
  • It’s time for Museum Night again February 17, 2019
    Explore the renowned arts, history and immerse yourself in the culture of Cape Town under the stars as the highly-anticipated Museum Night returns on February 21 2019. The event caters to young and old, making it a family-friendly outing or a romantic date night. With a total of 10 museums and art galleries participating this […]
    Ishani Chetty
  • Public pool closed after lifeguard attack February 17, 2019
    An attack on lifeguards at the Manenberg swimming pool has prompted the City of Cape Town to close the facility until further notice. Mayoral Committee Member for Community Services and Health, Zahid Badroodien, said the lifeguards were brutally attacked by patrons on Saturday afternoon. “The staff were apparently stoned, resulting in one lifeguard being injured. […]
    Ishani Chetty
  • Five school kids stabbed in brawl February 15, 2019
    A massive brawl involving 1200 children from various schools in Cape Town has resulted in 5 pupils being stabbed. Wayne Dyason, spokesman for the City of Cape Town’s law enforcement, said the incident occurred on Friday afternoon in the southern suburb of Claremont at a Valentine’s continuation party. The fight apparently began at the park in […]
  • Update: Bambi loses sight in one eye February 15, 2019
    Rescued from the flames of the fire that engulfed the Overstrand Region last month, Bambi, the young Cape grysbok has tragically lost sight in one eye from injuries he sustained in the blaze. Bambi has been in the care of the Country Animal Clinic in Somerset West since being rescued by the Winelands Fire Services […]
    Ishani Chetty
  • Key points from the State of the Province Address February 15, 2019
    Today the Western Cape’s Premier, Helen Zille addressed the residents of the Western Cape and presented some of the achievements the City has made in her State of the Province Address. Here are some of the main points she highlighted in the address. 1. Rail Safety In just over three months, the new Rail Enforcement […]
  • A touch of Purple Rayn in Constantia February 15, 2019
    The name Purple Rayn strikes a different chord for different people. The famous song, ‘Purple Rain’, is synonymous with strength and power. Princes’ ballad, released in 1984, was a combination of several genres: rock, R&B, gospel, and orchestral music. It was unexpected and utterly glorious. It was both ahead of its time, and exactly at […]
    Nidha Narrandes
  • New enrolment website for local schools February 15, 2019
    A new online admission website which aims to make applying to schools simpler for parents will be piloted at 350 Western Cape schools this year. The Western Cape Department of Education (WCED), Minister Beverley Schäfer says the system may be implemented at all schools across the province. “We hope to thoroughly test the online process before […]
    Ishani Chetty
  • Shake up your fitness levels at Jazzart February 15, 2019
    Back, step, back. And forward, twirl and stop! I am killing this dance routine, I thought to myself, while attending a media dance class at Jazzart this week. I realised just how out of shape I am and also how easy it is to get into shape, if I attended these weekly classes. Not a […]
    Nidha Narrandes
  • Have your say about drought-proofing Cape Town February 15, 2019
    Capetonians are being asked to give their opinions and suggestions regarding the R5.4-billion strategy to avoid the possibility of “Day Zero” that has been proposed by the City of Cape Town. The proposed strategy entails putting in place ways of supplying the ever-growing demand for water over the next 10 years, these being making use of […]
    Aimee Pace

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