Thailand’s latest online scam

Picture: Sanook

Sanook reported on what they said was a “new con” defrauding the Thai public.

This enabled fraudulent online traders who could turn an investment of a few thousand baht into a lot more by randomly selecting victims.

They cited the case of a Thai woman on Facebook who spoke of her plight – “Yutha Krainarong”. But they said she was just one of many to have been ripped off.

Yutha was conned by someone sending things from China.

They said that companies would send parcels to people randomly with private postal companies.

The parcels would arrive at private addresses and the names and phone numbers would match with residents.

They would have to pay cash on delivery and could not open the packages.

People have been charged anywhere between 900 baht to 2,000 baht, said Sanook.

But inside after they had paid they found only worthless goods or even just plain paper.

Sanook said it was a numbers game. A certain proportion of the public would accept the parcels even though they may not have ordered anything.

Taking into account the cost of the packaging and sending the parcels to the victims only a certain number need to accept to give the crooks a handsome profit.

Sanook said it was easy to turn 20,000 baht into 100,000 in this way by preying on the gullible. – Sanook

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