Even SAYING Thai women have SMALL BOOBS can land you jail time

We think Thai women have HUGE boobs

Small breasts are no laughing matter, reported Daily News yesterday. In fact according to a top lawyer saying a Thai woman is flat chested can get you a year in jail or a 1,000 baht fine.

But if you were to take your insult to Line or Facebook the penalty could be much worse.

Daily News were responding to a group chat on a Pantip Fan Club online with the heading: “Insults about small breasts – Can you sue?”

In their report the Thai media said that it was no joke. “The problem of small breasts – it’s not a small one,” they said with perhaps a hint of irony.

“But it can become a big one (problem)”.

They said there was an answer for women who are hurt. They quoted lawyer Worayuth Bunwongsai who said:

“This falls into the category of insults not libel. People can be hurt causing hate or loathing. It is a misdemeanor”.

He warned that fines of 1,000 baht or even a jail term of one year could be handed out.

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But should posts be made on applications like Line or on Facebook penalties could be worse.

This was not explained why in the Daily News story but is likely to fall under computer crimes legislation. – Sources: Daily News

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