Driver says jogger cut in front of him, CCTV proved he is lying

Video: The camera doesn't lie! Driver tells cops the jogger cut in front of him

CCTV footage from Bangkok showed the moment when an innocent old man was walking down a quiet soi.

A jogger passes him on the right causing a black Toyota Vios to move over.

The Vios slams then into the back of the old man sending him flying.

The Vios driver told police that the jogger cut in front of him causing him to swerve.

But then the CCTV from a Soi Petchkasem house owner emerged and was posted on Facebook under the name AUiiz Tawakit.

Pol Lt Dechathorn Thadech of Phasi Charoen police told Daily News Online that so far the driver has been charged with negligence causing injury.

Both sides have had some compensation talks.

The cops are waiting for the victim to recover before proceeding further.

Daily News said that initially the driver had blamed the jogger for the accident.

Posters online said that he had been caught out in a blatant lie. – Daily News

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