Is DEAD BODY exhibition full of murdered Chinese political prisoners?

Human Cadavers From ‘Real Bodies’ Exhibit Could Be Executed Chinese Prisoners, Doctor Says

A museum exhibition, which features cadavers of real humans, is currently the subject of controversy in the United Kingdom amid concerns that the bodies belonged to murdered  Chinese political prisoners.

Showcased at the Birmingham NEC, “Real Bodies: The Exhibition” displays skinless preserved bodies from China.

Allegations that the corpses are from people who were once detained and tortured in Chinese labor camps before being killed by the government have sparked calls for an investigation while they are still in the U.K.

Campaigners are urging authorities to look into the identities of the individual bodies and their causes of death.

magine Exhibitions, the organizer of the exhibit, reportedly sourced the bodies from Dalian Medical University Biology Plantation in China.

In a statement, Dalian Medical University Anatomy professor Hong-Jin Sui said the specimens were “originally received from the city morgue and then transferred to medical universities in China and ultimately were legally donated to the Dalian Hoffen Bio-technique Laboratory preservation, dissection, and exhibition.”

However, City Hospital Birmingham consultant neurologist Dr. David Nicholl pointed out that the university’s facilities are incidentally “within driving distance” of labor and prison camps in the city of Dalian, the South China Morning Post reports.

“I have huge questions about why all these unclaimed bodies come from Dalian in sizeable numbers and how many bodies Imagine Exhibitions have actually got,” Nicholl was quoted as saying.

“My own registrar went to this exhibition. I asked him to note down the gender and age of the bodies. They are all young men – none of them are elderly, which I have to say is pretty suspicious given that there are a number of labor camps within a matter of hours’ drive of Dalian.

“If you look at these exhibitions they are never gender-balanced – it’s always largely men. Most people who die, die when they’re older, so to have an exhibition like this is really suspicious.”

“I think the public is being conned,” he added. “Why are we having exhibitions like this in this country if they can’t prove consent? – NextShark

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