Pretty Thai girl and her mother ripped me off

Pretty Thai girl and her mother ripped me off

A factory worker in Pathum Thani went to police to say he had been ripped off by a pretty woman who promised to marry him.

The woman seems to have been in league with her mother.

Bunchuai Moontham, 32, told Klong 1 police that he met Orisa at a market in Nawa Nakorn where she was selling things.

After their meeting in early September he went to her house and asked her mother if he could move in.

She said “no way” and demanded that he do the right thing and get engaged first then she would let him stay.

He offered 20,000 baht as an engagement dowry but again mum refused saying that “relatives in Udon Thani” insisted that the dowry must be 50,000 baht.

Bunchuai agreed and a ceremony was arranged at their house for September 24th.

The night before Bunchuai told police that he caught his future wife chatting with another man on the Line application and confronted her.

She said: “I’m not married yet – I can talk to whoever I want”.

The alarm bells had not rung for Bunchuai who was keen to get his hands on the pretty young woman.

The ceremony went ahead and a 5,000 baht necklace was handed over along with the cash – then mother and daughter disappeared.

Bunchuai said subsequent investigations revealed that the pair were running an online scam selling goods but not delivering.

It appeared that they had now turned to doing the same with him in a different way. Source: Thai Rath/ThaiVisa

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