Locals want action against tourists for ‘sexy naked beach yoga’

Angry locals are calling for foreigners to be cleared out of a Koh Pangan beach for doing naked yoga.

Many have got used to the idea of farangs in their birthday suits soaking up the rays at Hat Laem Son in Ao Sri Thanu.

Some days there are about ten nude people but when the weather is good there are more than 100 in the buff.

It has become known in Thai as “Nude Beach” and there are several access points leading to the largely secluded area

But now comes the straw that seems to have broken the camel’s back for the locals.

“Naughty Yoga”.

Although not shown in the Nation TV report with any clarity a local woman spoke of her outrage at the antics of the nude westerners.

More – Video: Naked yoga goes viral, it’s not hard to see why

Cops have been to the area but now many want to see “Erotic Koh Pangan” – as the Nation referred to the island in their headline – become a thing of the past. – Nation TV

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