Pattaya’s new Bt400m beach washed away during first heavy rains

Picture: Sophon Cable

Following a raft of positive stories about the renovation of part of a 2.7 kilometer stretch of the beach at Pattaya, comes the reality.

Sophon Cable reported that the 400 million baht of sand is already being washed into the sea.

Some 400 meters has been completed of the project and last week the Thai media hailed the success of the venture hailing it as a boon for tourists and vendors. It has widened the beach by 35 meters.

Picture: Sophon Cable


But now Sophon are reporting that it will all be a waste of time if flooding issues in Pattaya are not properly addressed.

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They showed pictures of sand being washed away and questioned the resort’s priorities.

They ridiculed the idea that it would last 10 years as the current monsoon season is already doing it hardest to spoil the new beach. – Sophon Cable

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