There is NO Mafia in Patong, says local police chief

“No mafia in Patong” – Patong businessman

The Patong Police Chief and a famous Patong businessman claim that there is no mafia in Patong.

The comments come, unprompted, after arrest warrants were issued for three suspects last week in connection to the double, execution-style, murders in Sattaphip, near Pattaya on July 29.

One of them is well-known local Patong businessman, known as ‘Sia Auan’ aka. 39 year old Panya Yingdang, a bar owner.

Read more about the initial arrest warrant for ‘Sia Auan’ HERE.

Patong Police Chief Col Anothai Jindamanee says, “After we checked Panya’s background, we have found that Panya has had legal action taken against him over five separate cases.

“In 2013 legal action was taken against him for inflicting bodily harm and selling counterfeit goods. In 2015 and 2017 legal action was taken against him for operating an illegal entertainment venue.

In 2017 another legal suit was taken out on him over the murder of ice-cream man Ampan Suksawat, but the prosecution dismissed the case.”

Preechawut Keesin, one of Patong’s leading business operators, and son of former Patong Mayor Pian Keesin, says, “Many people say ‘Sia Auan’ is part of a mafia. I can confirm that he is not. Patong is an business city and a safe place which has generated a lot of income for the country. There is no mafia in Patong as the government has got rid of those groups.”

Patong Police Chief Col Anothai Jindamanee


Preechawut ‘Prab’ Keesin, President of the Patong Entertainment Association


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