Thais return tourist’s bag in Pattaya, but the cash was all gone

Bag stuffed with cash returned to thrilled Chinese tourist in Pattaya - but there's a catch

A Chinese man in Pattaya was delighted when he believed he was just another lucky tourist to enjoy the bountiful honesty of the Thais and get his forgotten bag back.

Realizing he had left all his money in a bag on a table he called the Pratumnak restaurant and was informed that he was not to worry – it had thankfully been found in the toilets.

Zhou Zhangli, 35, was beaming from ear to ear as he returned to the restaurant and checked his belongings expectantly.

Gone was 20,000 baht in Thai cash and a further 3,000 baht in Yuan. All that remained were a few documents.

Staff at the unnamed restaurant said that is what they found – don’t blame us.

Zhou went to Pattaya police station and was advised to file a report while officers hotfooted it to the restaurant to examine CCTV.

Pattaya Online News did not say how far they got with their investigations.

But they did add that it was not the only incidence of dishonesty and theft at the resort last night.

In another case two other tourists – also Chinese – had 60,000 baht in a bag stolen. They realized the cash was missing after they had attended a “cabaret” on Sai 2 road.

They were named, in English, by the report on Facebook as Tennc Hatoinc, 25 and his mate Conc Zeqi.

Police were also told of this second case.

A video connected to the cases showed a variety of Thai people conjecturing on the thefts.  – Pattaya Online News

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