Thailand’s Miami? Pattaya visitors don’t think so

Pattaya showed once again that it has a way to go before it can be considered a world class resort like the TAT would have tourists believe.

Our picture seems to suggest that the foreigner pointing at a huge pile of trash in the downtown area might be saying:

“Miami this isn’t!”

Pattaya – trumpeted in TAT handouts as Asia’s Miami – is once again in the news for one of its unkept secrets – rubbish.

We Love Pattaya said on Facebook that their reporters had been called in after more damning evidence damaging the image of the resort.

They said they were called in by residents and tourists to investigate a mountain of stinking trash blocking the road by the temple of Wat Chai Mongkhon near the fresh food market.

They called it a perennial problem that the authorities are ignoring.

There is always trash at this point and it is a fly infested health hazard and a monstrous eyesore, they said, using similarly graphic Thai language to explain the mess.

They called on the Pattaya authorities to do something – quick. – SamuiTimes

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