Technical ‘mix ups’ leave Red Bull killer at large

Prosecutor offers more snags and excuses in extradition request for "Red Bull Boss"

A public prosecutor in Thailand responsible for foreign affairs has told Thai media that the Thai police were responsible for a legal technicality mix up in the quest for the extradition of the heir to the Red Bull fortune.

And one of the excuses is that fugitives could say their crime is not a crime in the foreign country where they are living.

Amnat Chotichai said that it was true that the Thai National Police had succeeded in getting Interpol to issue a red notice but that the paperwork was not complete – no firm address was put for the fugitive.

This appears to have resulted in delays but was now rectified, said Amnat.

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Amnat also gave Sanook a list of reasons why fugitives might not be extradited.

This included the fact that countries with extradition treaties with Thailand could face difficulties sending suspects back if the crime for which they are wanted is not a crime in that country.

Amnat said that fugitives could fight to stay in those countries if that was the case.

Vorayuth Yoovidhya or Boss is wanted for dragging a Bangkok policeman under the wheels of his Ferrari in September 2012. – Sanook

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