‘We will shoot you’, police warning to Buddha Hill executioners

Police chief's message for Phuket businessman: We can't be bought and we will shoot you if necessary

The head of the Chonburi police force had some strong words for the alleged mastermind behind the slaying of the the Buddha Mountain couple at the weekend.

Speaking after the reenactment of the activities of a man who gave information about the movements of the couple, Pol Maj Gen Nanthachart Suphamongkhon did not mince his words when referring to Phuket millionaire “Sia Uan”:

“Bring all of the executioners and give yourself up. If you try to flee we will hunt you down – you can be sure of that.

“When we find you and if you resist arrest you will be shot”.

“Sia Uan” (Mr Fat) is the nickname of Panya Yingdang.

The chief also made an effort to reassure the public horrified by the execution style double murder in the car park at the popular tourist attraction in Sattahip near Pattaya:

“The public can have faith in the Chonburi police. We will arrest them all. It will all be honest, above board and according to the law.

“The Chonburi police cannot be bought”, he told reporters at Na Jomtien police station.

Earlier Daily News reported that Sayan Srisuk, 43, was taken to six locations in Pattaya and Sattahip as part of the reenactment of his role in the crime.

Earlier reports in other media suggested he was paid 20,000 baht for information concerning the whereabouts of the couple.

Attractive twenty year old Paweena Namuangrak and her friend Anantachai Jaritram, 21, a waiter in Nakorn Pathom, were gunned down Sunday in a hail of bullets in front of shocked tourists.

They were on a tour of attractions around Pattaya as part of Paweena’s birthday celebrations.

Paweena is believed to have had a relationship that she broke off with Panya who later sent her family one million baht even though they didn’t want it.

The parents of Anantachai said that their son and Paweena were not lovers. – Daily News

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