Aussie loses eyesight after Thai stripper pees on him

Thai stripper in action (Library image)

An Australian man holidaying in Thailand temporarily lost sight in one eye after a stripper infected with chlamydia urinated on his face during a party.

Brandon Clark was partying with a group of friends in their hotel suite when one of the strippers unexpectedly performed the risqué sex act on him.

Clark told the Sunday Inquirer that he washed his face immediately, but by the next day, his eyes were red and painful.

Optician clinical editor Bill Harvey said: ‘Exposure to urine, as may occur in sexual activity or “watersports” will present a range of pathogens to the cornea and adnexa that include surface pathogens, from not just the urinary tract but also the internal and external genitalia.

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‘Some of these, such as papilloma virus, chlamydia and a range of bacterial pathogens, are all potential sources of ocular adverse response.’ – OpticalOnline.Net


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