Phuket beaches safe again as rogue crocodile is caught

Phuket’s elusive crocodile has finally been caught at Layan Beach.

Phuket’s ‘Yanui’ crocodile netted off Layan Beach by fisherman, specialist team

The “Yanui” crocodile (so named by local Phuket reporters after the original beach on which it was sighted) was captured at Layan Beach early on Sunday after more than 10 days of search operations, sightings, drone photos and lots of people pointing out to sea.

The crocodile was netted at 4am by a crocodile capturing team from Surat Thani and a local fisherman with a fishing net near Koh Kata off Layan Beach.

The crocodile is now being taken to the Phuket Coastal Fisheries Research and Development Centre in Pa Khlok.

“Laypang”, a much larger crocodile, was last August caught at an inland lake in the same area after being sighted swimming offshore. – TheNation

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