Bent officials at Thai Embassy, YOU may have an invalid visa

Picture: Thai Rath

Thai Rath reported that the deputy national police chief had ordered all concerned to get to the bottom of the fake visa stamp scandal.

There are serious questions being asked that suggest an official or officials in the Thai embassy in the Myanmar capital of Yangon are behind the issuing of fake stamps for cash.

Thai Rath said it was a scandal that wouldn’t go away with daily reports of more cases.

In the latest cases a 26 year old Myanmar woman with refugee status was seeking to go to a third country to see her husband. She had a fake stamp in her passport.

A Myanmar businessman was also arrested.

The fake stamps have the word “utilized” spelled as “ulilized” and carry the name of the consul “Jaturon” spelled as “Jatuturon”.

The Thai media reported that deputy chief Pol Gen Srivara Ransibrahamanakul was in direct contact with immigration departments, sections of the Thai police and the Thai embassy in Yangon.

They said he wanted to find out if the fake stamp saga led right to the embassy.

Reports over the last few weeks have suggested that possibly thousands of people have paid around 7,000 to 8,500 baht for fast track treatment and have been supplied with the bogus stamps. – Thai Rath

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