Gallery: Why women live longer than men

A welder stupidly used his blow torch to light a cigarette

SCIENTISTS have wondered for decades why women live longer than men – and now we know why.

Hilarious photos have emerged of blokes wantonly risking their lives to complete a manual task, speed up boring jobs or to just show off.

A dare devil hung off a skyscraper using only his feet, while a welder lit his cigarette using a blow torch.

Meanwhile, a decorator stood precariously on top of a door frame while painting a ceiling.

As a man used his pal as a ladder while drilling a hole in his ceiling.

This images will have you chuckling and cringing in equal measure.

Bumpy ride

Hanging in the balance

Food for thought

He’s a live wire

Wood you believe it?

A little help from my friends

Tree-mendously bad idea

No bright spark

Clean up your act

Flaming stupid

Top of the ladder

He’s got some bottle

Wrong frame of mind

Hole in one

Playing with fire

Fall from power

Not a bright idea

Water silly thing to do!

All mouth and no trousers

Sofa so good

Wine down

This is not a drill

Jump the gun

Wheel-y daft

Brush with death

Car crash waiting to happen

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