German tourist claims attack by Pattaya Bar Girl

"A bar girl whacked me over the head" German tourist tells Bang Lamung police

A German tourist sought police help at a checkpoint near the railway line in Bang Lamung at nearly 4 am on Tuesday morning.

He was covered in blood and Sawang Boriboon medics treated him for a five inch gash to the back of the head.

Police said it looked like a hit from a wooden club but it took a while to get anything coherent out of Herbert Renardo, 45, as he was suffering the effects of over indulgence in alcoholic beverages.

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When he recovered somewhat from his experience police took him back to where he was drinking in Soi Nern Thap Wan. He said a bar girl had hit him over the head.

Unfortunate due to the late hour everyone had gone home and shut up shop.

But the Bang Lamung cops promised that they would reopen the case in the light of day to get to the bottom of what happened. – Pattayanewsarchive

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