Man cuts off friend’s penis before leaving him alone with wife

Police inspect the rented house where a man cut his subordinate's penis because he believed the man had sexually assaulted his wife. (Photo by Saichon Srinuanjan)

A bus paint foreman admitted to cutting the penis of his subordinate to protect his wife after they joined a drinking session over the weekend.

Permsak Petprasert, 50, was arrested at his rented home on Soi Bang Tan of tambon Nong Or in Ban Pong district Monday and charged with the assault. The victim was identified as Suwit Thipjantha, 39.

Mr Permsak told police that he had known Mr Suwit for about a month, when he agreed to be his helper on a job to paint a bus at an assembly plant in Ban Pong.

He allowed Mr Suwit to share his home as they were both natives of Trang province. Late Saturday night, Mr Permsak, Mr Suwit and another colleague had drinks at the house.

Later he and the third man left to buy more alcohol, leaving the apparently drunk Mr Suwit at the house where his wife, Mrs Tin, 52, was asleep.

Mr Permsak said that when he returned, he saw his wife running out of the house in a panic, and also saw Mr Suwit walking out of her bedroom wearing only shorts.

Mr Permsak attacked Mr Suwit with mechanics’ tools, knocked him down, and then used a fruit knife to cut off the unconscious subordinate’s penis, which he threw into a nearby shrub line.

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Mr Permsak said he then asked neighbours to send Mr Suwit to hospital.

Mrs Tin told police Mr Suwit was drunk, and had entered her room and touched her arm. She ran from him just when as husband arrived back home.

Police told Mr Permsak to lead them to the area where he threw the penis but could not find it. Police said they believed a dog had consumed or carried it away. – Bangkok Post

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