Video: Violent beating could land ‘Tom-Boy’ TEN YEARS jail

Picture: Sanook

An attack by a tomboy on her girlfriend is the talk of Thailand.

CCTV footage posted on Facebook showed the vicious moments as Kanchana, 27, attacked her girlfriend by the parking lot of a Rachada condo on Thursday night.

“Nong Fang” is whacked with a helmet. She is punched and repeatedly kicked and stamped on by the “male” in the relationship.

Finally people come to her rescue and the police are called.

Thai Rath reported that the pair had been drinking with friends. After an argument over putting in a password on the Line application the fight developed.

Fang needed five stitches and suffered a broken eye socket.

Fang went to Paveena Hongsakul who has a foundation that intervenes in cases against children and women.

They went to Pahonyothin police together and the police are prosecuting the attacker who could face ten years for the assault.

The footage was posted by a cousin of the victim, said Sanook. The family of the victim called for 100,000 baht to be paid – the tom’s family offered 50,000 only.

The footage has had 1.4 million views and thousands of shares. – Sanook

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