Ugandan hookers arrested on Bangla Road, Phuket

The two Ugandan women were arrested on Phuket’s famed walking street Bangla Rod in Patong. Photo: The Phuket News / File

Two Ugandan women have been arrested on Bangla Rd in Phuket’s main entertainment hub Patong after it was found they had overstayed their visas.

However, no details on how long the women had overstayed or how they managed to fund their stays has been forthcoming.

Patong Police Deputy Chief Lt Col Jessada Sangsuree confirmed the arrest of the two women following a report titled ‘Suppressing Human Trafficking and Alien Overstaying’ being issued on Thursday (July 19) and addressed to Patong Police Chief Col Anocha Jindamane.

The report noted that Patong Police officers Lt Nikorn Chuthong and Lt Narubodin Pangsenson had placed two women under arrest while the officers were on patrol and “checking areas” along Bangla Rd.

The two women were named as Shaniyah Nyongonga, 31, and Latifah Hazziwa, 28.

Nyongonga was arrested and charged for illegally staying in the country after her permit-to-stay had expired, while Hazziwa was arrested and charged for illegally entering the country and for staying in the country without permission.

“We are worried that more and more women are coming here to Phuket, especially Patong, and are doing the same like this,” Col Jessada guardedly told The Phuket News.

“The same is happening in other areas like Pattaya,” he added.

“They arrive as if on a vacation, but stay longer,” he said. – PhuketNews

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