No Go-Go Bars as Thailand aims for quality and family tourism

Thailand is a favourite destination for Russians especially from Siberian and the country’s far east. 

Generally, Russians make family trips to the Land of Siam.

But Thailand has been dogged by male-only sex tourism from the US and some European countries.

Now the authority has made clear in a statement that it aims to be a ‘quality destination’ and ‘strongly opposes any form of sex tourism’.

Sputnik news agency reported: Thailand is expected to welcome a record 37.55 million tourists this year and although prostitution is illegal it is tolerated and there are thousands of brothels across the country.

‘Notorious Go-Go bars in Bangkok and brothels offering soapy massages have bolstered Thailand’s reputation as a sex destination.

‘However, despite the statements by the tourism body, experts believe that getting rid of an industry which is so deeply ensconced in the country is quite difficult.’

Despite this, Thailand is enjoying major success in seeking to position itself as an ideal destination for quality and family holidays.

Last year, its tourism industry recorded its highest ever revenue, raking in $53.76 billion, a 12 percent increase from 2016. – SiberianTimes

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