Thai people want junta chief to stay, says junta polling

Questions are being raised about Thai military leaders and their sudden increase in wealth

Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha is again on top of the list of the 10 candidates wanted by the people to be next prime minister under the current election law, according to the result of a survey carried out by the National Institute for Development Administration, or Nida Poll.

The poll was conducted on July 17-19 on 1,257 people aged 18 and above of various levels of education and occupations throughout the country.

Asked to name candidates they want to be next prime minister under the present election law, the first ten persons named by the respondents are:

1. Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha (31.26%);

2. Khunying Sudarat Keyuraphan of the Pheu Thai Party (14.96%);

3. Abhisit Vejjajiva, the Democrat Party leader (10.50%);

4. Pol Gen Sereepisuth Temiyavej, the Seri Ruam Thai Party leader (7.80%);

. Thanathorn Jungrungreangkij of the Future Forward Party (7.48%);

6. Pol Lt Gen Viroj Pao-in, the acting Pheu Thai Party leader (6.28%);

7. Chuan Leekpai, former prime minister of the Democrat Party (3.90%);

8. Somkid Jatusripitak, deputy prime minister (2.55%);

9. Wissanu Kreangam, deputy prime minister (0.64%); and,

10. Paiboon Nititawan of the People Reform Party (0.48%).

To the question about political parties they want to form the next government, a majority, 58.87%, said they prefer new parties for wanting to see changes, new faces, new policies and new styles of administration; 32.78% said they want old political parties in the government as they have a lot of knowledge, ability and experience; and, 8.35% were uncertain or had no comment.

Asked to name political parties they want to be cores for the formation of the new government, the first five parties named by them are:

1. the Pheu Thai Party (31.19%);

2. the Palang Pracharat Party (21.88%);

3. the Democrat Party (16.47%);

4. the Future Forward Party (9.63%);

5. the Seri Ruam Thai Party (2.07%).

Asked whether they are confident the next election will held in Febuary 2019 without being postponed further, 53.94% said they are not confident, saying the situation in the country has not yet returned to normal and can change at any time; 38.82% said they are confident, saying the situation is steadily returning to normal according to the government’s road map; and, 7.24% were uncertain or had no comment. – Bangkok Post

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