Pattaya police finally catch British gang member

Damon Wait pictured during during a police raid in Pattaya in 2017

It looks as though the Thai police have finally managed to find an excuse to deport British hoodlum Damon Wait.

The 42 year old slipped through the force’s fingers in June of last year after he was busted at a resort allegedly with heroin, viagra and a bong at his birthday party bash with members of the Pattaya Hell’s Angels gang.

But a lawyer managed to get him off and he fled to Chiang Mai as cops in Pattaya kept up the pressure investigating connections to those in the gang responsible for the death of Pattaya’s international drug runner Wayne Schneider some years ago.

Schneider was tied to a chair, beaten to death and buried in a shallow grave. A man is in jail for his murder.

Thai police have been investigating all those connected to his death with another four men apprehended last December.

But they have the gang in their sights for other crimes too and have been keeping tabs on the movements of Wait, reported

Police heard that Wait, previously the manager of the Sport Lounge at the Ponderosa Resort was on the move this weekend intending to travel from Chiang Mai back to Pattaya.

He was intercepted by regional police and immigration authorities who clearly knew that he was now on overstay.

He was nabbed in front of a downtown hotel in the northern gateway city of Nakorn Sawan.

The Thai media said that he would now face deportation after being detained.

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