Legless body pulled out of Bangkok canal

Mutilated torso of man found dumped in Bangkok canal

Police are investigating after the legless body of a man was pulled from the Saen Saep canal in Bangkok on Saturday afternoon.

The body, which had been cut from the waist, was discovered near Soi 85/3 at Ramkhamhaeng.

Police said the victim is a man aged between 40-50 years old who had been dead for approximately two days.

The man had also suffered what looked like stab wounds to his chest and back and could have had his head covered by some kind of fabric, police said.

Police are working to identify the man by checking missing person reports from the last five days, as well as trying to establish his cause of death.

One theory is that he was murdered elsewhere and dumped in the canal, while police also said that some of the injuries could have been caused by a boat propeller. – Daily News

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