Is Vietnam turning into Thailand after female tourist is knocked out by restaurant owner?

A Vietnamese-American lies unconscious at a restaurant in Da Lat after food complaints from her and her friends angered the restaurant owner. Photo by VnExpress

Is Vietnam turning into Thailand after an argument over food quality at a Da Lat restaurant escalated into violence and left at least one female tourist beaten unconscious.

A group of tourists were caught in a physical confrontation with strangers after giving poor feedback over food quality at a restaurant in the Central Highlands’ Da Lat on Tuesday, leaving one American woman unconscious.

The tourists had dinner at the restaurant at about 7 p.m. After ordering and discovering that the food was not properly cooked, they complained to the owner. It wasn’t received well.

Tension escalated when one of the tourists pulled out a cellphone and attempted to take pictures of the restaurant.

The owner went mad, claimed that the tourists did not pay for the meals and summoned a group of six people to surround and beat up the tourists to prevent the pictures from spreading online, the tourists said.

During the assault, American tourist, Do Sophia Thuy, who is of Vietnamese origin, was smashed headfirst onto the concrete road. She lost consciousness and was taken to hospital.

The 20-year-old tourist who tried to take photos suffered multiple bruises and severe bleeding.

Police are investigating the case.

Da Lat has always been a hotspot for both domestic and foreign travelers, famed for its beautiful scenery and relatively serene weather year-round.

But not all tourists come back with sweet memories.

News about tourists being victims of physical assaults is not uncommon. In May, 2017, a 44-year-old female tourist was also beaten unconscious by a group of local people from a shop in Da Lat after returning overpriced goods from said shop.

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