Royal Thai Navy to learn lessons from cave rescue operation

Rescue teams attempted to reach deeper into the chambers of Tham Luang cave

The Royal Thai Navy is preparing to analyse all lessons and information learnt from the Tham Luang Cave rescue mission to enhance its efficiency and to inform its choice of equipment for emergency response work. 

Royal Thai Navy Commander, Adm Naris Prathumsuwan, indicated that relevant units of his force, especially the Royal Thai Fleet, have been told to analyse any obstacles, views and suggestions observed following the Tham Luang Cave rescue operation, during which 13 members of the Moo Pa Academy youth football team were saved.

The purpose of the analysis is to enhance the efficacy of the navy in dealing with similar emergency situations and so that it may equip itself with appropriate tools.

He stated that the Thai navy must be as well-equipped as international forces and will acquire any necessary equipment while noting that he is, nonetheless, satisfied with the Royal Thai Navy’s work as it stands.

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On the 2018 Navy Study activity, Adm Naris remarked that this year’s highlight will be the use of military equipment in alternative scenarios, explaining that each unit of the navy is to identify materials and equipment that can be developed for application in other nationally significant areas. – NNT

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