Service fees and rental cash goes missing at ‘prestigious Bangkok complex’

Picture: Daily News

A group of condominium residents have gone to Huay Khwang police to complain they have been robbed by the juristic person’s office.

Sornram Phoomchai, 36, on behalf of thirty residents said that a fund that should have 4 million baht contained just 2,300 baht.

Residents have demanded where the money is but have just been fobbed off with spurious explanations, he said.

In addition people who have complained about the situation and stopped paying because they believe their maintenance fees are just being pocketed have found themselves cut off from electricity and water supplies.

While a 64 year old resident who arranged with the office to receive rental got nothing and was told his renters had gone abroad.

However, when he contacted the renters they said they were still paying the rent as agreed even though they were not in Thailand.

He wants to know where his money is too.

No annual meetings have been held with residents to explain finances that is a legal requirement of juristic person offices in Thailand, said the claimants.

Police have promised to look for the money.

As is customary in such cases the condo complex – described as prestigious – was not named in the Daily News report. – Daily News

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