Viral Video: Angry Thai man threatens woman driver with a sword

Facebook citizens are looking for the man who gets a sword from the boot to threaten Thai woman

A video is turning viral today across Social Media of a Thai man in a black Camry car overtaking and then aggressively cutting into a traffic queue.

A woman, who is filming the incident on her dash cam, is reluctantl to let the queue jumper in but finally makes room.

At the next junction the Camry brakes suddenly and an angry Thai man gets out to retrieve a long sword from the boot of his car.

The frightened woman locks herself in and after attempting to open the driver’s door the Thai man issues angry threats before returning to his car and driving off.

The clip has been posted to the Facebook Group Red Skull Airline by a member claiming the victim is his ‘friend’s mother.’

He has sarcastically called the Thai man ‘very brave’ and asked for the clip to be shared in an attempt to track down the angry man and inform the police.

The registration number of the car is ฆก (khor gor) 9651 and reports can be posted on the Red Skull Facebook Group here

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