Thai student performing sex act at university goes viral

A picture of a Thai student on her knees in front of a man and performing a sex act has gone viral on a Facebook page named ‘Anti Sotus.’

The picture was taken at a university in Tak province, Thailand where it is said that seniors force juniors into this by way of initiation.

Although discouraged, hazing is still common practice at Thai universities although the graphic nature of this example has drawn scorn from all areas of Thai society.

Despite this some are saying that the only strange thing about the image is that the pair appear to be part of a group who are clapping and cheering, rather than in private and by themselves.

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The picture was captioned as “Scared, Scared, Scared”.

As soon as the posting went viral reaction poured in with many condemning the practice as ‘inappropriate for an educational facility.’ – Source/CatchNews

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