Tourists will be flooding back when Pattaya beach repaired, say Thais

"Tourists will come flooding back when the sand is finished", says Thai media.

An upbeat Pattaya News said in their story on the restoration of the beach in Pattaya that it was just a matter of time before the tourists came flooding back to the sands.

But they did not make any reference to sea water quality, the jet-ski scams, bullying, violence and robbery. And the flooding mentioned is in the wrong context.

They were reporting on a meeting that said 400 meters of the restoration work was done meaning that 100 meters was back in the hands of beach operators.

A further 300 meters will definitely be done by year’s end giving operators a further 100 meter stretch to earn a living.

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The sand is coming from Koh Rangwian in a 430 million baht project that will see the beach widened by 3.5 meters, said the media.

The sand is plentiful enough and of sufficient quality for the needs of Pattaya.

The beautification began near the Dusit Thani hotel back in January but has suffered some stop/start problems. However, now everything is running smoothly.

Pattaya News said that the “Pattaya Model” will make the resort a top class world beach destination and the new sands will have the tourists flooding back.

However, Thaivisa notes they did not mention the state or quality of the sea itself in their story. – Pattaya News

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